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SUNBOW PTFE thermal shrinkage contraction is far beyond peers, and new customers are used for millions of new customers in the year.

SUNBOW PTFE thermal shrinkage shrinking performance is stable and surpassing peers, and perfectly meets the requirements of a well -known intelligent robot enterprise with high -quality cost -effectiveness, win the favor of customers in one fell swoop, and successfully enter the customer's supplier system.

The judgment of the quality of thermal tube is very important. One of the important aspects is the contraction time, the concentric rate in the contraction process, and the appearance of the tube wall after contraction, such as folds? Is the appearance smooth? At present, most of the thermal tubes on the market will have various problems. Many customers will ask during the inquiry process: Will your PTFE thermal tube be wrinkled during the use of use? Is the inner diameter uniform after the thermal shrinkage is contracted, will there be incomplete contraction?

A transformer production research and development company in Zhejiang. The PTFE thermal tube they use is mainly used on the transformer and used many factories' PTFE thermal tubes. However, during the use process , Manufacturers generally recommend improving the shrinking temperature and extending the time of contraction, but this not only reduces production efficiency, but also cannot completely prevent the problem of folds after heating, and the insulation and shielding effects are poor. Essence This manufacturer is very headache. I hope to find a sleeve that can provide stable performance, improve the direct pass rate of the product during the process, and extend the service life of the machine.

After contacting us SUNBOW, I definitely told him: SUNBOW's thumbnail can fully meet your company's requirements for the product. The reasons are as follows:

1. SUNBOW heat pipe adopts high -quality imported polytrafluoroethylene resin glue, which is processed by special methods.

2. SUNBOW's shrinking pipe adopts domestic high -precision expansion molds, which can strictly control the horizontal contraction rate of the product and accurately control the internal and external diameter after the product expansion.

3. SUNBOW thermal tube adopts the electronic beam radiation equipment imported from Germany for radiation, and the monitoring and absorption dose is connected during the radiation. Use rotation irradiation. So as to ensure the uniformity of cross -linking, and determine the stability of the finished product shrinkage. The vast majority of manufacturers use Y -ray radicals. The disadvantage is that the Y source dosage rate is low, the radiation cycle is long, the antioxidant and contraction are poor.

After listening to the introduction, the customer tried it with a doubtful psychology of the letter for 200 meters. During the trial process of the sample, no abnormal situation occurred. When SUNBOW PTFE thermal shrinkage is contracted, the shrinkage speed is 20%faster than other homes, and the wall of the tube is smooth and smooth, without folds, uniform inner diameter, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, voltage resistance and corrosion resistance. The pass rate of 200 meters sample is 100%. The shrinkage performance is far beyond the peer, and it is not compared to what the product you bought before. SUNBOW is better than other colleagues.

SUNBOW PTFE thermal tube quality is trustworthy, welcome to consult and buy!

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