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Sunbow Statement

1. We promise our clients with excellent quality, reasonable price, Perfect service and on-time delivery. We are committed to becoming a globally outstanding and recognized leader in insulation sleeving industry, a preferred and qualified supplier of world-class manufacturers and well-known enterprises all over the world.


2. We promise all our products supplied are high quality, environment-friendly, safe and reliable. We always make our contribution to human and social harmony.


3.We promise that our products follow close to the line of all applicable laws, regulations, rules and any other related requirements.


4.We improve our equipment and facilities; make innovation in our technologies and reasonably upgrading our specifications continuously. So that we can constantly improve our product quality, save energy, pursue low-carbon economy and improve the environment-friendliness and safety performance of our products.


5.We are committed to providing our staffs with effective and comprehensive training and corresponding resources, so as to improve their skills and their awareness of health, safety and environmental protection. We apply ourselves to improve our staffs’ professional skills and qualities to ensure that they can improve working performance and career competitiveness.

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