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tail the specific parameters and techniques of SUNBOW's fiber tubes.

Due to the urgent time given by the leader, Mr. Zhao after listening to our deep financial analysis, confidence When full, we are required to sample according to his parameters, and the most important appearance is that the most important appearance is smooth outside, no burrs, no asylum, and the tailor tolerance should be controlled at 0.1mm. Compared with the quality, because the motor project is already very mature, the proofing will be successfully handed over to the customer within a day, and the speed of SUNBOW is praised.

Mr. Zhao was very surprised after receiving the sample. The appearance of the product was very beautiful. SUNBOW's tailoring tolerance was controlled within 0.1mm, and abrasion resistance, tearing resistance exceeded his technical requirements, found problems and solutions. And place an order to us immediately.

 SUNBOW glass fiber pipe manufacturing is manufactured for more than 15 years and has all test verification. Sunbow glass fiber tube has very hard core quality:

   1. There are obvious advantages in the three indicators of breakdown intensity, high resistance to tear, and flame retardant insulation.

   2. Customized glass fiber tube can withstand 10kV voltage breakdown.

    3. Have an exclusive process formula. The technicians have been a master who has been for more than 10 years.

4. In order to improve the abrasion resistance of glass fiber tube, SUNBOW adopts independent research and development technology, and the reduction of temperature reduction in the process of dewaxing is incomplete.

5. SUNBOW glass fiber sleeve passed the full -color UL certification.

In the field of glass fiber tube, if Shenzhen Sunbow is unsure, it is difficult to get others!

      If you do n’t believe it, you can try a small look! Never let you be disappointed ~

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