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SUNBOW double wall tube quality is superb, successfully won the well -known Japanese line beam factory project

Jun is an international procurement of a well -known car line factory in Japan. Before the epidemic, their company mainly purchased double -wall thermal tubes from Japanese residents. After the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the prices of various raw materials continued to rise, and the polyolefin raw materials used by the double wall thermal tubes were constantly increasing prices. Due to the pressure of cost, Japanese residents had to increase their prices for customers. The price increase is acceptable, but what makes Jun unbearable is because the epidemic is repeated, and the period has not been guaranteed.

Helpless, customers had to go to China to develop new suppliers. Very honored, Jun found SUNBOW through a friend introduction. Customers introduced their terminal customers in detail. Let us know that they are providing Honda car lines and high quality requirements. At the same time, the customer introduced their requirements for the double wall thermal tube in detail, and also sent us the samples of the residents.

After understanding the customer's requirements, we are very happy, and the customer who requires is a good customer. After receiving the customer sample, we and our conventional car wire beam dedicated double -wall thermal tubes were compared with performance. After professional testing, SUNBOW car line beam dedicated double -wall thermal retractable pipes can be completely with residents in both environmental protection and performance. Compared. We sent the SUNBOW conventional car wire beam special double -wall thermal tube sample to customers. After half a year of testing, the performance indicators of SUNBOW's double -wall thermal retractable tube have completely reached the standard, which can completely replace the Sumitomo brand.


The same quality, SUNBOW's price is half of the residents, and the time of payment is guaranteed. How much is the year of cooperation, there is no quality complaint event, nor does it postpone the delivery. In the end, in the end, Jun decided to designate SUNBOW as a long -term partner of its double -wall thermal tube supplier. Because of this project, JUN is also promoted to salary. ( PVC tube)

Why can SUNBOW's double -wall heat tube be trusted by customers?

1. SUNBOW uses international big -name polyolefin raw materials, and the expansion performance and contraction effect produced by the casing will be better. ( silicone tube)

2. SUNBOW uses Japanese imported equipment to produce. Whether it is extruded, irradiated or expanded, the tolerance range control of the inner diameter has reached international standards and has no choice for contraction, which can be comparable to Japanese brand residents.

3. SUNBOW has a unique formula, and the addition of flame retardants is controlled in the appropriate proportion. In this way, the combustible flame retardant band glue double wall thermal shrinkage tube is not only flame retardant, but also has better thermal contraction performance.

The quality of the combustible band -strip double wall thermal tube quality is benching on the international first -tier brand. Many world's top 500 such as Mercedes -Benz, Volkswagen, Panasonic, and Siemens are all used. Choosing SUNBOW Double Wall thermal retractable tube is to choose high quality and trust.


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