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The quality of SUNBOW glass fiber pipe successfully replaced the Kurawe first -line brand of Japan, winning a well -known Japanese wiring factory project

Customers of a well -known Japanese line factory in Japan used to buy glass fiber tubes from Kurawe, Japan. Last year, due to the epidemic reasons, the price of major commodities increased the price of glass fiber tubes and silicone raw materials for the production of glass fiber tubes. Kurawe had to raise prices to customers. Customers are barely able to accept the price, but what makes customers unacceptable is because the epidemic is repeated, and the customer's delivery period has not been guaranteed. Rogue, customers have to choose to develop new suppliers. Due to various opportunities, SUNBOW was fortunate to be a supplier of bidding. ( silicone tube)

In August 2020, I received an inquiry from a Japanese line beam factory. In the past, customers purchased glass fiber tubes from Kurawe, Japan. In order to help us better develop qualified glass fiber tube products, after signing a confidentiality agreement with customers, The customer sent us a sample produced by Kurabe. Our technology research and development department adjusted the production process and silicone oil formula within three days, and sent the samples within a week. After several months of testing and comparison, customers also compared eight Chinese glass fiber pipe suppliers at the same time, and 2 quality have reached the standard. There are two factories, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen Gongming, and the branch factories are located in Dongguan. Both factories have glass fiber pipe production lines with sufficient production capacity. In the case of uncertain epidemic, the time of delivery is relatively guaranteed. The cooperation has been in cooperation for more than two years. SUNBOW never let customers worry about the date. ( PVC tube)


Since the establishment of a factory in 2003, we have seen the global eyes, we are the global market, and the quality of glass fiber pipes is benchmarking international first -line brands. We do not compete with our peers in the low -end market. We only have high -end customers who have high -end customers who have high quality with our peers, and finally confirmed that we use our glass fiber tube.


What is the good quality of the glass fiber tube of SUNBOW?

1. SUNBOW adheres to the use of domestic big -name alkali -free sodium fiber gauze, and the tear resistance and abrasion resistance are very good.

2. SUNBOW adopts German imported Wacker silicone raw materials. The production of the squeeze fiber fiber has better hardness and more abrasion resistance.

3. SUNBOW's glass fiber tube has passed UL certification, with a size range of 0.55-25.4mm, full of color, and more than 90%of the peers passed the size range of the UL certification of 0.55-9.5mm and only white.

4. SUNBOW's glass fiber tube has passed ROHS and Reach environmental protection certification, and SUNBOW has its own environmental protection laboratory.


SUNBOW glass fiber pipe quality benchmarking international first -line products, good quality, fast delivery, good service, you know, welcome to inquire.

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