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The hardness of SUNBOW food-grade silicone tube remains unchanged after secondary vulcanization, and German customers immediately switched to use it.

A German coffee machine manufacturer is the world's first large-scale coffee machine manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, with more than a dozen factories around the world. In their recent project of a new type of coffee machine, the engineer found that the food-grade silicone tube used was much higher than the original one after secondary vulcanization, and the hardened silicone tube became abrupt and no longer suitable for their coffee. machine. The sample of SUNBOW is a food-grade silicone tube, which can keep the hardness unchanged after secondary vulcanization, and German customers immediately switched to use it.

For silicone tubes, powerful domestic manufacturers can guarantee ultra-high softness, temperature resistance or insulation and flame retardant properties. SUNBOW is one of the few manufacturers. However, after secondary vulcanization is required, the silicone tube can maintain the same hardness, and there is only SUNBOW in China. No peers can do this. In the silicone tube industry, SUNBOW has achieved breakthrough progress and is far ahead, and peers can only hope but cannot.

SUNBOW has its own strong R&D team, which is incomparable with other manufacturers in the same industry. It is a fully equipped laboratory. Since 2015, we have come up with solutions, successful experiments and breakthroughs, which determine SUNBOW's leadership in the silicone tube industry. Moreover, the SUNBOW factory is a factory that has passed the ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management systems and unconditionally conducts product quality management in accordance with the system requirements. The products have been tested and verified by customers for a long time, and their stability and reliability have been fully guaranteed. If you switch to products from other manufacturers, you may have already been smashed to pieces.

In late July, I received an enquiry from a Malaysian customer, asking that silicone tubes be used in their milk products, requiring good flexibility, flame retardancy, and most importantly, secondary vulcanization, and maintaining the hardness of the silicone tubes without affecting. The customer said that before this, they had found many suppliers for their purchases, but many manufacturers had never encountered such a requirement at all. Some manufacturers verbally guaranteed, but there was no actual report verification. ( PVC tube)

Customers who have requirements are good customers. We send samples within 1 week according to customer requirements. In less than 3 weeks, customers reported that the quality and performance of SUNBOW silicone tubes have reached their standards. Various manufacturers are helpless, and SUNBOW silicone tube can maintain stable hardness after secondary vulcanization. SUNBOW stands out, the final customer chooses SUNBOW silicone tube, everything else is just a cloud. ( PTFE tube)

What is the quality of SUNBOW silicone tube?

1) With UL flame retardant certification, REACH and ROHS environmental certification, it is the most certified and most complete manufacturer in China. In addition, it also complies with the US food grade FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 certification. Authoritative organizations testify, never false. Flame retardant, environmentally friendly, and food grade, the only one in China.

2) Produced with imported food-grade WACKER 375 silicone raw materials from abroad, with proprietary process formula, breaking through limitations, maintaining the hardness and stability of the silicone tube after secondary vulcanization, which is verified by the factory test report.

3) 1.3 times higher temperature resistance, 1.4 times higher wear and tear resistance, and more than 2 times higher service life.


With SUNBOW silicone tube, customers who have never regretted it.

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