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SUNBOW halogen-free environmental protection glass fiber tube has excellent quality and became the wiring harness supplier for Toyota Motor in Japan

Shenzhen SUNBOW Insulation Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of insulating sleeves, among which fiberglass tubes are Sunbow's main products. Among the domestic fiberglass tube manufacturers, Sunbow fiberglass tube quality ranks among the top three. There is no suspense about this. Recently, we have received good news. Sunbow fiberglass tube not only outperforms other suppliers in terms of rigid indicators, but is also environmentally friendly and halogen-free. It stands out from many competitors and has successfully become a wiring harness supplier for Toyota Motor in Japan.

At present, there are no more than 1,000 domestic manufacturers of fiberglass pipes, but most of them are of uneven quality, and the price is not the lowest, but lower. Most of the factories do not have their own unique formulas, and there is no systematic quality control system, so There is no difference in the products made. The reason is that most of the factories are still in the stage of small workshops, and our Sunbow factory is a factory that has passed the ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management system and has unconditionally carried out product quality management in accordance with the system requirements. This determines the leading position of Sunbow in the fiberglass tube industry.

In May of this year, I received an inquiry from Toyota's Vietnam Automobile Wiring Harness Factory. The customer needed a 4KV fiberglass tube with good tear resistance, UL VW-1 flame retardant rating, and more importantly, environmental protection and halogen-free. Customers say that they have found several suppliers for purchasing, and most of them do not meet the requirements for tear resistance, and some suppliers meet the requirements for tear resistance, but the environmental protection test fails. This time they found another batch of 10 fiberglass tube suppliers, of which 2 were local in Japan and 8 were Chinese suppliers. Customers who have requirements are good customers. We sent samples within one week according to customer requirements. Just last week, I received feedback from customers that the quality and environmental protection of Sunbow's fiberglass tube reached customer standards. Compared with another Japanese fiberglass tube manufacturer, Sunbow's price was half that of the Japanese factory, and the customer decided to choose Sunbow Glass. Fiber tube.

What is the quality of Sunbow's fiberglass tube?

1. The tear resistance is 2 times higher than that of its peers. Sunbow insists on using the domestic big-brand alkali-free and sodium-free glass fiber yarn, which has twice the toughness of other small factories and is environmentally friendly and halogen-free.

2. Sunbow uses Wacker silicone raw materials imported from Germany, which is more than twice as soft as ordinary domestic silicone and is halogen-free.

3. Sunbow uses high-speed braiding machines to braid, and its joints are 30% less than low-speed braiding machines, so the fiberglass tube weave has higher density, better wear resistance and tear resistance.

4. All substrates of Sunbow's fiberglass tubes have passed the environmental Rohs test, and the production process is strictly in accordance with environmental protection requirements and IATF quality management system management. Sunbow fiberglass pipes have passed Rohs and Reach environmental certification.

The quality of Sunbow fiberglass tube is the top three. Choosing Sunbow fiberglass tube is to choose high quality and trust. 

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