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SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube has successfully won a new project from Toshiba Industrial Motor in Japan due to its excellent quality

SUNBOW has been cooperating with Toshiba Industrial Motors for 5 years, and there has been no quality complaint. Recently, there was good news that SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube stood out from many competitors because of its excellent quality, and successfully won a new project from Toshiba Industrial Motor in Japan.


In recent years, many bosses are optimistic about the fiberglass pipe industry, and three to four hundred fiberglass pipe factories have appeared all at once. Most factories started late and are not scaled up. Many small factories fight price wars in order to survive. The prices are not the lowest but lower. The quality of the fiberglass tubes produced is worrying.


In October 2020, the Japanese Toshiba Drive Click Division stated that a group of new models are still in the research and development stage and need our acrylic fiberglass tubes. After serving Toshiba for 5 years, there was no quality complaint. We were confident that we sent samples within one week. After several months of testing and comparison, among the ten competitors, SUNBOW and another Japanese glass fiber tube manufacturer met the performance standards. However, the price of SUNBOW's acrylic fiberglass tube is only half the price of the domestic acrylic fiberglass tube. Based on comprehensive considerations, Japan's Toshiba Industrial Motor R&D Department finally finalized the new model to still use SUNBOW acrylic fiberglass tube.


Since the establishment of our factory in 2003, SUNBOW has focused on the global market and the global market. The quality of fiberglass tubes has been benchmarked against international first-line brands. We do not compete with our peers in the low-end market. We only compete with our peers with high-end customers who have quality requirements. We have served Toshiba Industrial Electric for 5 years without a quality complaint.


What is the good quality of SUNBOW's acrylic fiberglass tube?

1. SUNBOW insists on using the domestic big-brand alkali-free and sodium dry pan glass fiber yarn, which has twice the tear resistance and abrasion resistance of other small factories.

2. SUNBOW uses domestic famous acrylic resins, and before coating, all acrylic resins will be re-proportioned by us, and most of our counterparts will use them directly after buying them.

3. SUNBOW’s 4KV acrylic fiberglass tube adopts the “top thread” weaving process. The “top thread” weaving process is 30% slower than the traditional “draw thread” weaving, and the density of the braided embryo tube is 30 higher than that of the traditional “draw thread”. %, more wear-resistant.

4. SUNBOW's fiberglass tubes have passed Rohs and Reach environmental certification, but most of our peers do not.


The quality of SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube is benchmarked against international first-line brands, and many of the world's top 500 are in use. Choosing SUNBOW Fiberglass Tube is to choose high quality and trust. 

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