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SUNBOW fiberglass tube for F-class motor has successfully won a new US-funded Indian industrial motor project due to its excellent quality

Good start! On the first day of construction, good news came from the US-owned Indian industrial motor factory. SUNBOW's PU fiberglass tube for F-class motor has successfully won a new project for a new motor model due to its excellent quality.

In recent years, many bosses are optimistic about the insulating sleeve industry, and many factories have been built in China. At present, there are no more than 1,000 domestic manufacturers of fiberglass pipes. Many small factories are fighting price wars in order to survive, and the prices are not the lowest but lower. Since the establishment of our factory in 2003, SUNBOW has positioned ourselves in the mid-to-high-end market and always regards product quality as our core competitiveness. We do not compete with our peers in the low-end market. We only compete with powerful peers that require quality. VIP. The quality of the fiberglass tube dedicated for SUNBOW F-class motors is benchmarked against international first-line brands. We have cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Toshiba, Panasonic, Siemens and so on.

At present, most of the polyurethane PU fiberglass pipes on the market can only meet the temperature resistance of 155 degrees, but the wear resistance is not ideal. In order to solve this problem, the R&D team of SUNBOW developed a F-grade click-specific PU glass fiber tube three years ago, which not only has good wear resistance, but also has far better tear resistance than its peers.

Why is the quality of the PU fiberglass tube for SUNBOW F-class motor better than that of its peers?

1. The tear resistance of the PU fiberglass tube for F grade motor of SUNBOW is twice higher than that of its peers. SUNBOW insists on using the domestic big-brand alkali-free and sodium-free pool kiln fiberglass yarn, its toughness is twice that of other small factories, and it is environmentally friendly. Halogen-free, most of the peers use crucible yarn.

2. The PU fiberglass tube for SUNBOW Class F motor is made of polyurethane resin raw materials imported from Germany. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also evenly coated without oil partiality, and the insulation performance is better than domestic materials.

3. All PU fiberglass tubes dedicated to SUNBOW F-class motors are braided by high-speed braiding machines, and their joints are 30% less than those of low-speed braiding machines, so that the braided fiberglass tubes have higher density, better wear resistance and tear resistance. .

4. The PU fiberglass tube dedicated to SUNBOW Class F motor adopts the "top thread" weaving process. The "top thread" weaving process is 30% slower than the traditional "draw thread" weaving, and the density of the braided embryo tube is higher than that of the traditional "draw thread". 30% higher, resulting in better wear resistance and tear resistance.


Due to its excellent quality, SUNBOW's PU fiberglass tube for F-class motors has successfully won a new industrial motor project from a US-funded Indian factory. Many Fortune 500 companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Toshiba, and Panasonic, are using SUNBOW fiberglass pipes. Choosing SUNBOW fiberglass pipes means choosing safety and high quality.

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