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Five years after cooperating with US-funded Indian F-class motor, Sunbow PU fiberglass tube has won a new project order

A US-funded Indian F-class industrial motor has been cooperating with Sunbow for 5 years, and there has been no quality complaint in 5 years. Recently, there has been good news that Sunbow's F grade motor professional PU glass fiber tube has successfully won a new project order from a US-funded F grade industrial motor factory due to its excellent quality.


PU fiberglass tube, also called polyurethane fiberglass tube, is professionally used in F-class industrial motors. There are no more than a thousand manufacturers of PU fiberglass pipes in China, but most of them are of uneven quality, and the price is not the lowest, but lower. Most of the factories do not have their own unique formulas or systematic quality control systems. There is no difference in the products made. The reason is that most factories are still in the stage of small workshops.


At present, the more common polyurethane PU glass fiber tube can reach a temperature of 155 degrees, and its wear resistance and tear resistance are relatively lacking. Aiming at this subdivision, Sunbow has designed the F-grade industrial motor-specific PU fiberglass tube, which has two times higher wear resistance and tear resistance than other manufacturers' PU fiberglass tubes.


Why is the wear resistance and tear resistance of Sunbow PU fiberglass tube twice that of the peers?

1. Sunbow uses the domestic big brand alkali-free sodium glass fiber yarn, which has good toughness and 30% higher density than its counterparts. The toughness and abrasion resistance of the woven embryo tube is twice that of its counterparts.

2. Sunbow uses high-speed braiding machines for braiding. High-speed braiding machines are not only faster than ordinary braiding machines, but also reduce the frequency of wire replacement, so that the joints are 30% less than ordinary braiding machines, and the glass fiber tube produced is more resistant to tearing. it is good.

3. Sunbow fiberglass tube adopts the "top thread" weaving process. The "top thread" weaving process is 30% slower than the traditional "draw thread" weaving. The density of the braided embryo tube is 30% higher than that of the traditional "draw thread". Better wear resistance.

4. Sunbow has its own unique formula. Sunbow's glass fiber tube coatings are individually ground and proportioned. We can develop PU oil formulations with better wear resistance and tear resistance according to customer requirements. .


The wear resistance and tear resistance of the PU fiberglass tube for Sunbow F grade industrial motors are twice that of peers, which can extend the service life of industrial motors for 5 years. Choosing Sunbow PU fiberglass tube is safe and affordable.

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