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Which factors will affect the customer's preferred choice of insulating sleeve manufacturers?

Generally, when customers purchase insulating sleeves, they are faced with many manufacturers of insulating materials. What factors influence the customers to choose which insulating material manufacturer to cooperate with first?

In general, there are a few points: one is the price, the other is the quality, and the third is the service?

As a spender, everyone thinks that the money spent can buy high-quality and inexpensive products. So what can prove that the insulating sleeve you choose is a high-quality and inexpensive product? I would like to say that in addition to the above three points, relevant certificates are required. For example, the test report data of a third-party testing and certification organization, and the other is the testimony of influential customers in the industry. If you have the above several such products, the reputation in the industry will not be bad!

In the past year, the editor has shared various insulation materials of the SUNBOW brand with you. Judging from the test report data provided by third-party testing institutions, SUNBOW’s product technology corresponds to first-line brands such as: Delfingen , Tyco, etc. SUNBOW is committed to improving technology and quality, and regards third-party rigorous testing as the representative of its own technical and quality supervision institutions, so it invests a lot of money in third-party testing every year. Such as UL test, ROHS, and then to the various large and small tests required by the three electric vehicles of new energy vehicles. Moreover, SUNBOW has successfully passed the IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification in 2016, so I will not mention them all here for the time being. It can be said that in the insulation casing industry, SUNBOW can withstand the supervision of any third-party agency.

Although the quality of SUNBOW insulation material corresponds to the international first-line brand, the price is only about 75% of the price of the first-line brand, and most of the customers served by SUNBOW insulation materials are the top benchmark companies in various industries, including new energy vehicles. OEMs, power battery manufacturers, leading companies in communications, drones, medical equipment and other industries are involved in a very wide range of markets, and there are so many customer witnesses. I would like to say that if you need to find Insulating casing, SUNBOW must be the right choice! Please contact Alex Wong 18138839972.

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