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What kind of insulation sleeve protection will be used for the wiring harness?

Engineers often ask, is there any special insulation sleeve recommended for my wiring harness protection? I will tell you that there are no special insulating sleeves, only suitable ones. Most of the wiring harness projects use PVC hoses, and some use glass fiber sleeves. Of course, silicone hoses and black heat shrinkable tubes are also popular.

Why are the wiring harnesses protected by insulating sleeves? In today's high-tech era, wire harnesses are constantly being upgraded, which is also an extremely important task for the wire harness protection structure. The optimal insulation protection scheme can stabilize the performance of the wire harness, otherwise it will affect the service life of the wire harness. Which insulating sleeves will be used for the wiring harness? Fiberglass sleeves, silicone tubes, PVC hoses, heat-shrinkable tubes, etc. are silently contributing to the insulation and protection of the wiring harness.

Engineers are also familiar with PVC hoses commonly used in SUNBOW wiring harnesses, and they all understand the reliability of PVC hoses. So customers always complained how different from the glass fiber sleeves they used before? I asked the customer why they didn’t use the previous fiberglass sleeve. The customer said that the fiberglass sleeve was too expensive and the performance was similar. Later, the customer used a PVC hose. After a month of reliability testing, the feedback was relatively 5 Years of service life!

SUNBOW wiring harness PVC hose is also a kind of insulating sleeve recognized by many brand customers. Although its craftsmanship is simple, the PVC hose of SUNBOW has advantages that no counterparts have:

1) Passed UL full-color test certification, with the widest certification size range (0.5mm-25.4mm), which cannot be achieved by peers

2) Flame retardancy measured VW-1, no falsification, benchmarking with foreign brands and other first-line peers

3) It has more than 10 extruders, which can achieve the maximum size of 80mm, and the peers have stopped.

At present, Shunbo's PVC casing has been supplied to Samsung, Midea, Haier and other well-known companies in batches. This is a fact that already exists. What are you still hesitating... Welcome to contact Alex Wong at 18138839972.

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