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SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving has passed UL certification, and is the first choice for insulation protection of export AC charging pile wiring harness

Insulating material Fiberglass sleeving are not unusual, but SUNBOW insulating material AC charging pile Fiberglass sleeving, all series of sizes and colors have passed UL Canada certification. The full range of sizes and colors of Fiberglass sleeving that have passed the UL Canada certification may only be found in SUNBOW insulation in China, because most domestic Fiberglass sleeving manufacturers do not have such a complete UL Canada certification. Even if there is, those Fiberglass sleeving manufacturers are not as extensive as SUNBOW insulation materials in terms of size or color. Most UL certified sizes know 12mm, and the certified colors are only black and white. ( PET braided sleeve)

With the rise of new energy vehicles, the domestic charging pile market has become very competitive, but SUNBOW Insulation's charging pile customers have been constantly opening up new markets. Now, the domestic charging piles have become a red sea, and the charging pile customers of SUNBOW insulating materials have shown their talents in the European and American markets. SUNBOW insulating material Fiberglass sleeving are blessed with UL certification, and they include a full range of sizes, full A series of colors, the items you encounter can be won.

At the end of 2020, a customer in Vietnam found SUNBOW through WeChat and asked about the use of Fiberglass sleeving on their internal wiring harnesses of AC charging piles. Because of the need to distinguish the wiring harness, the Fiberglass sleeving required by the customer is in many colors. Before they bought fiberglass sleeving from elsewhere, but only in black and white. AC charging pile projects all require Fiberglass sleeving to have UL certification, but the original manufacturer's Fiberglass sleeving only have black and white UL certification, and they have to find new suppliers.

Introduced SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving to Vietnamese customers, issued some technical reference materials, and also gave UL Canada certification to customers. The customer was very excited when he saw that SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving turned out to be a full-color UL certification, and immediately asked for a sample test. In less than 3 weeks, Vietnamese customers tested the color flame retardant performance of SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving. There is no doubt that SUNBOW color Fiberglass sleeving completely conquered customers. After knowing the results, customers fell in love with SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving even more. , full of praise. ( silicone rubber tube)

SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving has the following advantages, which are difficult to compare with peers:

1) For surface coating, SUNBOW adopts high-quality resin oil imported from Germany. Improve the performance of glass fiber tube in all aspects, 1.3 times higher.

2) Combined with the self-developed formula technology, the corresponding color paste ratio is perfectly matched, and the high-temperature coating combined with the self-developed rotational speed process makes the surface layer of the glass fiber tube evenly coated and the color is bright and stable.

3) SUNBOW Fiberglass sleeving, the temperature resistance is 1.5 times higher, the wear resistance and tear resistance is 2 times, and the service life is more than 2 times.


With Fiberglass sleeving, everything else is a cloud.

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