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SUNBOW fiberglass sleeve has replaced the internationally renowned brand Dexgen, and the motors of many car companies have already used it

Under the epidemic, although some projects have been postponed, there are still many customers' projects in an orderly manner as planned. Such as the Ben X new energy vehicle drive motor project, good news came a few days ago: the wear resistance and tear resistance tests have been completed, and the SUNBOW  fiberglass sleeve SB-SGS-70 has passed the test, and the heat conduction effect is very ideal. It is a fact that SUNBOW fiberglass sleeve have been designated for many times in the projects of many well-known motor manufacturers around the world.

fiberglass sleeve are widely used in internal wiring harnesses such as motors, transformers, sensors, etc. The main purpose is to protect the internal wiring harnesses with insulation, temperature resistance and pressure resistance. The choice of fiberglass sleeve in the motor industry will be different, especially when used in automobile drive motors, the requirements are more stringent. In addition to temperature resistance, pressure resistance and insulation, high wear resistance and tear resistance are also required. , the choice of fiberglass sleeve is crucial. ( PET braided sleeve)


In March 2018, the team of engineers responsible for the drive motor department of Mercedes-Benz New Energy Vehicles approached SUNBOW. They learned that SUNBOW's fiberglass sleeve have been approved by many well-known motor companies in the world, so they came to post to inquire about the fiberglass sleeve. After email communication, after reading the customer's drawings and requirements, I found that the fiberglass sleeve required by Mercedes-Benz is not a conventional product, and requires higher wear resistance and tear resistance. case, the fiberglass sleeve does not crack.

SUNBOW has a strong independent research and development team, and a fully equipped laboratory that is incomparable with other manufacturers. After the evaluation of the technical department, we independently develop the process formula according to the customer's requirements, and send the proofing. In about 1 month, the customer replied that the first time the wear resistance was very good but the tear resistance only reached 85% of the requirement.


Immediately afterwards, SUNBOW continued to develop and improve, and sent out the second sample. After the drive motor department received the sample, the feedback was only a simple tensile test. The second sample was obviously more resistant to tearing. Next was another 30-day test. Unsurprisingly, more than a month later, the engineer of the drive motor department sent a report. The test results showed that the secondary sample of SUNBOW fiberglass sleeve fully met the standard, and its wear resistance and tear resistance perfectly met the customer's requirements. requirements. In a total of 3 months, SUNBOW successfully passed the test of Mercedes-Benz and met the requirements of customers. In the new year, mass production will begin in 2019. This sense of achievement cannot be described in words, and is beyond the reach of other peers. ( PVC sleeve)


Why can SUNBOW fiberglass sleeve be recognized by Mercedes-Benz?

1) In terms of material selection, SUNBOW insists on choosing alkali-free and sodium-free environmentally friendly glass fiber yarn and silica gel imported from Wacker, Germany, while most of its peers choose domestically produced silica gel, and the flexibility and wear resistance are not on the same level.

2) In terms of R&D strength, SUNBOW has an independent and strong R&D team, which is incomparable with its peers and has a fully equipped laboratory. 99% of its peers do not have such R&D strength, nor do they have such equipment support, how to develop it, according to customer needs What about custom fiberglass sleeve?

3) In terms of factory hardware equipment, SUNBOW Shenzhen has a factory. In order to expand the production scale, the Dongguan branch was established. The factory covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. In the fiberglass sleeve industry, such a large workshop area is rare. In addition, SUNBOW has entered the era of more than 600 fully automatic high-speed knitting machines, and most of its peers still use old and semi-automatic knitting machines for trial production.

SUNBOW fiberglass sleeve are used by more than 20 internationally renowned companies.

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