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Shunbo PVDF heat shrinkable tube samples fully satisfy customers, electronic connector manufacturers place an order for 80,000 meters

Shunbo PVDF heat-shrinkable tubing absolutely only uses high-quality imported polyvinylidene fluoride raw materials, and its quality and performance are far superior to those of the same industry and remain stable, so that customers who have lost confidence in PVDF heat-shrinkable tubing can find the dawn again, and only go through a product performance test, comparison With many samples, Shunbo satisfies all the requirements and outperforms more than 20 other suppliers, successfully becoming the exclusive supplier of the manufacturer.

At present, the number of domestic PVDF heat shrinkable tube manufacturers is increasing, and there are many small workshops and traders. They use low prices as a gimmick to attract customers, but in fact, they use inferior raw materials and the basic performance of the products cannot be guaranteed, let alone meet the third party. Testing company's quiz. The PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes produced from such low-quality raw materials not only fail to meet the requirements for temperature resistance and flame retardancy, but some may even be easily broken. There are even black-hearted manufacturers who use non-environmentally friendly products to pretend to be high-quality PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes, making the PVDF heat-shrinkable tube products on the market indistinguishable. It is often easy to fall into these black tricks and buy products without quality assurance.

Manager Hong from Suzhou made the electronic connector, because the new project requires PVDF heat shrinkable tube, but after looking for samples from more than 20 suppliers, he is still not satisfied. When it was really overwhelmed, he found Shunbo through his friend’s introduction. Manager Hong said that many of the previous samples either did not meet the requirements for temperature resistance, or did not meet the standards for flame retardancy, and the product was easy to crack, which made the project stalled. Not move forward. After understanding Manager Hong’s product performance requirements and use environment, Shunbo quickly set up a task force to improve and adjust the product according to the customer’s special requirements, and produced samples that met the customer’s performance requirements and immediately sent it to Manager Hong .

Five days later, I received feedback from Manager Hong, saying that the sample passed the test, the temperature resistance also met the requirements, and it also met the flame-retardant standards, and the product size tolerance, wall thickness, etc. were not bad. What is rare is that when these are in compliance with the standards, the performance is not affected at all, and the tear resistance is also up to the standard. On the basis of maintaining the excellent performance of the products, the price of Shunbo can be impeccable. Mr. Hong immediately placed a trial order for 80,000 meters. In the two years of cooperation, Manager Hong is very affirmed of the performance and quality of our Shunbo products, and signed a long-term contract with Shunbo, and listed Shunbo as the exclusive supplier of the manufacturer.

Shunbo is equipped with a professional R&D team, which can customize unique formulas according to the specific needs of customers to meet the specific needs of customers, which most of the industry can't do.

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