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The minimum ID of SUNBOW polyimide film sleeve can be 1.0mm, no counterparts in China

SUNBOW polyimide film sleeve is the only domestic product of the same type that can achieve ID1.0mm.

There is no industry benchmark for polyimide film casing, and the technical standards of various manufacturers are different. In the key polyimide film casing index, many peers claim that the ID can achieve a minimum of 1.0mm, and the measured moisture can be compared. Large, farther away from SUNBOW polyimide film sleeve. Since many customer engineers do not understand polyimide film sleeves, they are easily misled and influenced by some polyimide film sleeve manufacturers.

Why can SUNBOW polyimide film sleeves achieve ID1.0mm? Originated from SUNBOW's strict requirements for products, technical improvements and technical upgrades are made for raw materials. The R&D staff has repeatedly tested and verified the R&D innovation of sleepless sleep and food. And combined with customers' real product applications, simulate customer scenes. At the same time, it has the first fully automatic extruder in China to ensure product consistency and no error! To

At the beginning of June this year, a well-known manufacturer of drive motors for new energy vehicles looked for polyimide film sleeve ID1.0mm for testing and verification. A total of 3 manufacturers, including SUNBOW, participated in the sample delivery, and the customer has undergone more than 3 months of testing and verification.

Due to the high degree of confidentiality involved in the project, during the test period, the customer forbids the supplier to learn about the progress of the test from them, just let us wait for the result of the test. Three months later, the customer gave us feedback on the results of the test as scheduled. In the end, SUNBOW stood out among the three companies and took the lead. Either the ID of the other two companies cannot meet the requirements, or the wall thickness is not enough. Only SUNBOW can meet these two technical requirements at the same time.

SUNBOW polyimide film casing has technical advantages that cannot be matched by peers:

1) The ID is 1.0mm, which cannot be achieved by peers.

2) The cutting length is 10-1800mm, which only a few foreign counterparts can do.

3) Self-destruction is at least 20% slower than peers

At present, SUNBOW polyimide film casing has passed the test and verification of the top three domestic vehicle manufacturers, and has officially entered the trial production stage.

SUNBOW insulation sleeves have been supplied to many first-tier companies such as Huawei, Haier, and Tesla, and there have been no quality complaints for five consecutive years.

SUNBOW insulation sleeves, irresistible quality. Welcome to contact Alex Wong 18138839972.

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