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1). Established in Oct. 2003, Sunbow is mainly engaged in research& 

          development, manufacture and sale of various kinds of insulation sleeving. Such

          as fiberglass sleeving, PTFE tube, silicone rubber tube, PE heat shrink tube and

          pvc tube etc.

 2). Due to an expansion in business, Sunbow factory moved to Sunbow Industrial Park, 2nd Industrial Zone, 

          Xiacun Community, Gongming , Guangming New District, Shenzhen 

 3).In Oct. 2008, Sunbow achieved success of general taxpayer qualification (Namely

         sunbow can open 17% VAT invoices by ourselves.)

 4).In Oct. 2009, Sunbow achieved success in ISO 9001:2008 quality management

         system certification.

 5).In Feb. 2010, Sunbow successfully obtained  UZIQ2: E333178 safty certificate by UL

         Company for fiberglass sleeving coated silicone resin & PET expandable sleeving.

 6).In June, 2010, Sunbow set a new branch office in Hong Kong. It named Hong

         Kong Sunbow Industrial CO., LTD.

 7).In Aug. 2010, Sunbow applied for import and export , Sunbow has

        independent rights for import and export.

 8).In Nov. 2010, the registered trademark of Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation

         Materials MFG. CO., LTD was approved entry to force.

 9).In Feb. 2011, Sunbow obtained American UZFT2: E333177 certificate and Canadian

         CSA UZFT8:333177 certificate for fiberglass sleeving coated silicone resin.

 10).).In Jan. 2013,  Sunbow successfully obtained YDPU2: E360625 safty certificate by UL

         Company for PE shrinkable tubing,PTFE tubing and silicone rubber tubing;

 11).In Jun.2015,Sunbow gained high-tech enterprise in ShenZhen;

 12).In Apr..2016,Sunbow successfully gained TS16949 certificate for automobile industry;

 13). Sunbow was officially recognized as the National High - tech Enterprise in end of  2016. 


  15.In JUL.2017,Sunbow successfully obtained YDPU2/8: E360625 safty certificate by UL company for PVC SOFT TUBING


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